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The 25T electric tow tractor utilizes powertrain, heavy-duty brakes, and many other components. This environmental friendly vehicle produces low noise and consumes less energy, and has been extensively applied in long-distance transport.

Our tractor adopts advanced AC control system, coming with high gradeability, efficiency, reliability and low service cost. The new AC power system provides precise adjustment, regenerative braking, and long battery life. The maintenance-free AC motor also brings about low running cost, high working reliability, and long service life.

  1. The electric tow tractor is provided with clear front and rear view window which is designed for easy check of towed loads.
  2. The fully hydraulic steering system reduces steering fatigue of the operator and ensures small turning radius of the vehicle.
  3. Due to the spacious cab, low positioned pedal, ergonomically designed switch, adjustable steering wheel and seat, the electric tow tractor is easy to operate. 
  4. The front and rear axle is equipped with spring damper suspension system and tube hydraulic shock absorber, providing driving comfort.
  5. The electronic system is waterproof and flameproof, while the electronic control system comes with forced air cooling.
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