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The Hangcha light model electric tow tractor comes with a towing capacity 2-6t. It is ideal for long-travel and multi-shift applications. It adopts many components that also used in forklift truck, such as the power train and heavy-duty brakes. It is also provided with three independent braking systems. The CURTIS programmable AC controller provides regenerative braking, which can reduce brake wear, recharge the battery, and virtually eliminate the need for a footbrake.

Our electric tow tractor offers both mental and physical comfort, as well as safety for the driver. The driver's compartment is spacious and free from obstructions for safe access and comfortable driving. With the stand-on operator position, it is suited for applications requiring frequent step in and step out. What's more, the whole tractor incorporates the uncomplicated design and the latest technology, achieving up to 500 hours service intervals and easy maintenance without a laptop

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