HANGCHA Group Company Ltd. is a major enterprise in the forklift equipment manufacturing industry of Zhejiang Province, and they are a leading forklift manufacturer in China.


They have a complete product range of material handling equipment, from 1-25T internal combustion counterbalance forklift, 1-5T truck counterbalance electric forklift, container forklift, warehouse truck, and more.


HANGCHA Group Company Ltd. strives to be the best forklift manufacture in the world. Specializing in material handling equipment, and dedicated to quality improvement, we actively integrate our specialized production processes and excellent brand management skills, along with our progressive and entrepreneurial spirit, to produce the highest quality forklift equipment on the market.

Counter Balance Electric Forklift
Diesel,Gasoline, LPG
Electric Lifting Platform
Ware House Truck
Tow Tractor