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Domus  Team  is proud of its achievement in the market share,from the Team’s commitment to the care of its customer through its core values.

The Team

Our Team believes that the quality of the products and services ,the teamwork among the members and the commitment to the partners and customers are most important values of conduct.



Domus’s commitment of not only providing a high quality products and services , but also a high quality relationship to customers whose satisfaction is of paramount importance with long term success.



We keep the customers “ in - the- know” and we pay attention to customer’s feedback. Towards the pillars of its organization, the employees who carry out their responsibilities with the utmost pride and dedication, the well-being of the community through activities and contribute towards the sustainability of its equivalent through breakthrough initiatives.


Value Statement:


In adopting long term corporate goals and exploring new business opportunities in the desire to achieve sustainable, exponential and dynamic growth for the entire group.


To consistently exceed client expectation by providing innovative,quality, cost efficient products & services.We are establishing a successful partnership with our customers , our employees and suppliers that respect the interest and goals of each party.Constantly striving to supply what the customers needs,improving on what is available and providing new products and services driven by customer’s demand.